Our Wellness Journey Is One Of Choices

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”  ~  J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Sometimes choices are easy to make, sometimes they are not. But choices are what life is all about! Our wellness journey is one in which our goal is to balance all facets of our life so that we are at peace. Our goals are in alignment with our beliefs, and our outer world reflects our inner world.

I have been gifted with several opportunities lately, and the decisions that I made simply fell into place. I was offered a small writing opportunity in an upcoming book, and I took it. It will stretch what I do, and I get to work with someone that I admire. I have been asked to review a book, and I happily accepted this opportunity – solely based on the books title! I do have to say that I admire the author, but that is secondary in this case to an incredible title! Another opportunity I had to decline, although again I truly admire the individual that offered it to me. I simply did not have the time to do the work required.

The end of the month is coming, so I have the catalogs out for the wellness company that I joined. The first of the month I will be placing my second order, which will require some thought, as this company has so many outstanding products.

I also need a new computer, as soon as possible. This is a need and not a want. Well, perhaps both, but the need supersedes the want, as I have to log onto the phone line that I work for through the Internet, and I don’t have a backup computer. My current laptop, that has served me so well, is having some issues. Strange issues. So I will purchase a new laptop, and take my current laptop to the laptop doctors to have it cleaned up so that it can be my backup.

How do you feel about the decisions you are making? Do they reflect the life that you want?

Exciting Times – A Milestone Reached!

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Everything in our life starts as a thought. This thought develops into a dream. When acted upon, the dream then becomes reality. Our wellness journey encompasses all areas of our life – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. In the real world, there is also a financial component.

The traditional thought of supporting ourselves with a 9-5 job is really no longer possible. I feel much more comfortable with the concept of multiple streams of income. If one stream of income is jeopardized in any manner, other streams of income are still there. I work on a phone line and am a published writer. I wanted to add a third stream of income, and wanted to be able to still work from home. I have looked into many business opportunities, but none seemed right. I am not a salesperson – that is just not my comfort zone. I do not want to coach anyone – again, that is not my comfort zone,

Yesterday I signed up with a shopping network, and am very happy that I did. The company that I signed up with is a wellness company with over 400 products that enhance our quality of life – environmentally friendly products that protect us, and protect Mother Earth.

I am extremely impressed with the company, and with its founder.

As I move forward on my journey with this company, I will be sharing my experiences. Perhaps what is helpful for me will also be helpful for you!

Moving Forward

“You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. Just take the next step.”  Anonymous

We have to be willing to move forward to continue growing. It isn’t always easy, but as we step out, as we move forward, we open up our perception of what can be, and we open up our life. I did that in October of 2015 when I made the move from Washington State back to Nevada. It was an interesting (and scary!) trip, driving alone, with three cats and a packed to the brim car! But we made it (even after my alpha male managed to chew through his carrier while I was zooming down the freeway, and jumped onto my steering wheel!) The house that I had rented, unseen except for photo’s on the Internet, was perfect for us – in a safe, quiet neighborhood, near everything that I needed.

I had lens implant surgery done right after I moved to Nevada – long story short, I had cataract surgery done when I was in my early thirties on both eyes. The ten-year study had not been finished when I had my first surgery, so they were unable to implant a new lens. The interesting thing is that when the lens was implanted, it did not improve my ability to read, but it did give me better peripheral vision.

I am continuing my journey with reviewing books: I am currently reading a book from an author that I met on LinkedIn. I have reviewed his previous books, and am thoroughly enjoying this one also. I just received quite an interesting book from a delightful publicist that I have been working with for many years, and will be reading and reviewing it next.

I am incredibly excited about my decision to become involved in a new business! I am signing up for it on May 1st, and will take you on this journey with me! Opportunities that I would never have imagined as a young woman are opening up for me now.

Stay tuned!