I have been contemplating adding a probotic to my diet for a long time now – I just never acted on it. When my sister last visited me, she was talking about a tea called kombucha that she was drinking. I knew that it had health benefits, but I didn’t know what. I recently worked with an energy healer, that recommended that I take a probiotic, and mentioned that she was taking kombucha.

It turns out that kombucha is what is considered to be a fermented tea – usually made from black or green tea. The tea is fermented with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, which give it probiotic properties.

I had no idea where in the grocery store to find kombucha. I walked down the beverage aisle, but didn’t see it. Luckily, an employee was stocking at the end of the aisle, so I asked her where to find it. She didn’t know, so she checked. In this store, it was on the refrigerated shelf right next to the orange juice. Several different brands were on the shelf, with several different flavors. I got tart cherry, and had it for the first time this am. I drank it slowly, and had no problems. I am hoping that it will help with my IBS. Time will tell, but I think this was a good decision on my part.