Working With Animal Guides

The raven animal totem is sometimes called the “Keeper of Secrets” and like all birds is a messenger between the heavens and the earth. The raven encourages us to dive deeper and to look within to seek the answers to put in motion the much-needed change. Often times these messages may be difficult, but soaring over hurdles and obstacles is how we grow most. ~ from

It is quite interesting how Raven came into my life as a guide – he came in under the protection and shadow of Hawk. He came in at a time when I knew that I needed to make some personal changes, and that it was the time to do so. I am a writer, so the ability to move in space and time is important. Especially with my current WIP (Work In Progress) – a mystery that has its foundation in the past – about forty years in the past. To move seamlessly back and forth will be necessary to present this book in a viable manner.

That is just one part of my life in which Raven will be guiding me. In order to facilitate the change that I am coming into, I need to delve deeply into myself for answers. I need to reinvent myself, as it were. To leave behind parts of me that are no longer serving me well, and replacing them with energy that does serve me. Raven is part of me on this journey – he is not walking beside me, I feel that he has integrated himself within me. He brings with him the energy of the magician, the shapeshifter, helping me to connect with my ancestors, and helping me to set new goals, and accomplish them.

I am very thankful that both Hawk and Raven are lending their protection and energy to this part of my journey.