Memories – They Sustain Us

I was sitting in my living room last night, enjoying my Halloween decorations. (Yes, you’re right, it is September, and Halloween isn’t until October. I put my decorations up the first week of September, and will leave them up until after Thanksgiving. I enjoy them – that’s all there is to it.)

These decorations come from the diverse parts of my life. There is a big stuffed pumpkin that I have had for years – it grounds and centers me. There are small scarecrow figures hanging on my wall. The story behind them is that a small, local grocery store (part of a chain) inadvertently bought way too many of them, so they brought them out for several years running, until they were all sold.

I have a lovely small picture book of Charlie Brown and the Pumpkin Patch, with small stuffed black cats (along with a slightly larger stuffed Garfield cat) keeping it company.

I have a large black cup from a Tarot organization, with a bat on it. I have Halloween themed Tarot decks out – and yes, I do a reading or two on All Hallows Eve, when the veil is the thinnest.

I have an orange pumpkin themed cup, and a ceramic pumpkin, both filled with candy corn. I have Halloween themed towels in the kitchen.

Each item has memories connected with it – all of them good. I have good memories of handing out Halloween candy too (always chocolate!). They litrally do not go trick-or-treating in my neighborhood, or I would still honor the custom.

Things change. I have memories of filling up paper grocery bags with candy, coming home, getting a new bag, and going out again. We could accept all candy, homemade popcorn balls, homemade cookies and candy – our parents doled the goodies out over time, and we never had to be afraid of being poisoned, or anything like that. Now, it is very different. It is common to take candy to be scanned in an X-ray machine (a free offer in all communities). And nothing homemade is acceptable. New times, new memories.

Allow your memories to be supportive of you.