The card above is from “Everyday Enlightenment”, by Becky Lundin. This is a 48 card deck using “Today I Am” statements to set a focus for the coming day. I chose to use compassion for this day, because compassion is what we need more of in today’s world. The back of the card states “Breathe in the energy of compassion. Bold that feeling while you declare out loud “I am compassionate.”

Below this statement is a suggestion on how to focus on this energy. “Do you have compassion towards others? Do you have empathy for those who are less fortunate? Today focus on sending out kind, caring, loving thoughts to all. We never know what others are going through.”

If we all take a deep breath, and allow that breath to flow through us freely, we will feel the load that we carry drifting away. We will be able to see more clearly, and be less judgmental of those around us. There are many parts to each of our stories, some of which we do not wish to tell. Our actions and words will have more power if they are focused onthe good of all.

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