We Heal Together

Today is January 12th, 2021. On January 6th, 2021 there was a “homegrown” terrorist attack on the Senate as electoral votes were being counted prior to verifying Joe Biden as our next president. The attack was provoked by false information from many different sources and was encouraged by the sitting president, who held a rally just before the attack and urged his supporters to go down to the Senate and cause problems.

Due to a deliberate lack of backup, Capitol police were unable to hold the crowd back. Approval for the deployment of the National Guard, which had been requested by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser was problematic (https://vosizneias.com/2021/01/12/explainer-why-national-guards-role-was-limited-during-riot/). Virginia Governer Ralph Northam send Virginia National Guard members, as well as 200 members of the Virginia State Police (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/northam-sending-virginia-national-guard-to-dc-in-response-to-capitol-raid/ar-BB1cwQUc?ocid=uxbndlbing).

This was a vicious, ugly terrorist attack. Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to be removed to another location, her office was trashed, and her computer allegedly stolen (https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13688984/pelosi-laptop-stolen-trump-supporters-national-secrets-capitol/). Doors and windows were broken, trash was everywhere, feces smeared on walls and floors – the list goes on (https://nypost.com/2021/01/06/rioters-leave-trail-of-damage-in-us-capitol-building/).

Five people died because of this terrorist attack. This is not over. Partially in response to the attack, several social media sites are blocking/deleting accounts that were promoting misinformation and worse https://apnews.com/article/can-social-media-ban-trump-explained-a4a02aca8341a844c011d4e165d8d61b).

What can we do to protect ourselves, and to usher in a safe inaugural day? Increased safety measures are being set up for the inaugural (https://www.npr.org/sections/biden-transition-updates/2021/01/12/955907043/how-inauguration-day-is-shaping-up-beefed-up-security-limited-public-access), https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/10/us/inauguration-security-police.html). What we can personally do is pray – pray every single day until the inauguration. Pray for the safety of all of us, pray for the safety of our government leaders, pray that the new administration will walk their talk. Pray that those who are behind these atrocities are held to account.

January, 2020 Bonnie Cehovet

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Welcome To 2021!

Welcome to 2021! My first suggestion – make peace with 2020, which was a difficult year for all of us. Consciously leave behind anything that is not serving you well. Wish all negativity well, and then send it down into the earth, where it will be transformed into something new and positive.

Decide what you want to bring with you from 2020 into the new year. These could be things that are already being supportive of you, or they could be seeds that you have planted that are getting ready to sprout. Send them love, and make them a conscious part of your life.

Make a conscious decision to be supportive of yourself – set aside time on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to take care of yourself. This can take many forms – eating healthy foods, exercising, meditation, soaking in a bath, setting aside time for recreational reading – the list is endless! Know that when you are the best person that you can be, that you can support those around you to be the best that they can be.

Define you personal, financial, and professional goals for the next thirty, sixty, and ninetly days. Look ahead at where you want to be in three months, six months, nine months and a year. Write down what you need to do to accomplish your goals. If broken downinto small steps, you goals will be easier to achieve.

Numerologically 2021 is a number five year. The is the universal energy of the year for all of us. The foundation of a number five year is that of change. Here is the U.S. we are looking at political change, economic change, jobs opening up, and more. Healthwise, the COVID-19 vaccine will become available to all of us (it is already out for frontline workers and the elderly), and we will see our communities returning to a new version of normal. Businesses will open up again, and life will have a better flow to it.

Look for the opportunities aorund you in 2021, and be willing to be a bit flexible. Develope focus and discipline, so that you are not moving from opportunity to opportunity without fully developing any of them. Take the lessons from 2020 and incorporate them into your life.

Blessings to you all!

January 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

Zen Moment

I start my day by reciting something called the Cleansing Prayer. For me, it is a Zen moment. It grounds me, and gives me balance. I share it here, in the hope that it will be helpful to others. Feel free to change the final line (Blessed Be, So Mote It Be) to whatever feels comfortable to you.

Cleansing Prayer

I am now choosin to cleanse

myself and release any

and all thought forms,

beings, situations and energies that

are nolonger of service

to my highest and greatgest good …

across all planes of

my existence, across all

unicerses, and across all lifetimes.

I ask that all energies that

are less than love

be transmuted for the highest good of all.

Blessed Be, So Mote It Be

(c) December 2020 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

Take Responsibility

We are responsible for our words, and our actions. We are also responsible for our reactions. The year 2020 has been the most difficult one in my memory. Not necessarily for me, but globally. The global world as we know it as been turned on its head. To experience a pandemic is one thing, to not have the resources to handle it is another. On one level there is a lack of hospital space, of protective gear for hospital personnel and first responders, deaths of a magnitude we have never seen before, not being able to gather for funerals (or weddings, or birthdays, or for extended family meals), not being able to visit family/friends in care facilities.

On another level there are closed businesses, inability to get personal services (such as haircuts, manicure/pedicures), and the gut-wrenching vision of what seemed like miles of empty shelves at the grocery stores.

To a great extent, we have coped. Masks fairly quickly became available, many companies devoted at least one of their production lines to making hand sanitizer, distancing rules were put in place, curb service was offered by many businesses (including restaurants), service personnell (such as plumbers, electricians, and yard maintenance people) were masked and gloved.

In the U.S., we have done well at the local, grassroots level, but not so well at the national level. (Listen to Dr. Fauci, for heaven’s sake!) There is a huge divisivness that is both political and personal. There are more weapons out there, and more violence, than we have ever seen before (and yes, I am of the Viet Nam era).

We have a national election coming up in two days (November 3rd, 2020). We have an incumbent that is at the root of many of our problems, encouraging violence. We have the fear that he will not leave office peaceably if he is not re-elected. How do we cope with this?

My first thought for myself is that I am not watching TV on election day. All that will happen is that my blood pressure will skyrocket, and I will drive myself crazy. This does not mean that I am putting my head in the sand. It means that I am taking protective measures.

I believe in prayer. I will be praying that this election brings us a president that will unite us so that we can take our proper place in the global world. That attention to COVID-19 is fast-tracked in the U.S., and that our government undergoes a fairly complete overhaul.

On election day we need to exercise both mental and emotional self-care. Some things that we can do:

  • Limit access to news media. Follow the media sources that you feel are legitimate. Create a specific time period to do this, rather than jumping in randomly during the day/night.
  • Practice some form of deep breathing exercise – this keeps you grounded and centered, helps keep your blood pressure in an acceptable range, and allows you to handle conversations with friends/family that may disagree with your views.
  • Set limits on your social media time. I work from home, so I have access all the time. I have to remind myself to “leave social media” alone, especially if something has really upset me.
  • Remember to be thankful for what is good in your life. I do a list of a minimum of five things each morning that I am thankful for. This will be especially necessary on election day.
  • Be okay with your own reactions to things. Recognize your feelings, then release them.
  • Schedule some alone time in the days after the election to vent and process. We are moving into a new normal – the old one had come to a point where it was not functioning well.
  • Stay engaged in your work, your life, your activities. Live a balanced life.

May this election help us to see the light at the end of the tunnell. In fact, may we get a clearer perception of the tunnell itself!

(c) November 2020 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

Setting A Foundation For The Life We Want

It is very important that we realize that as individuals we need to take responsibility for the foundation of our life. We need to look for the tools that will help us grow as individuals, as partners within our local community, and as partners within our global community.

Some of the things to take into consideration in building a solid personal foundation for life are:

  • Starting out the day with a short meditation, and a list of what we are thankful for.
  • Creating daily, weekly, and monthly goals.
  • Keeping a daily journal.
  • Following a healthy diet that spports who you are. (For me, that is a vegetarian diet.)
  • Getting exercise in some form on a daily basis.
  • Grtting enough sleep.
  • Learning to prioritize.

In today’s blog I am going to be referencing a course that I am taking – “Say Yes To Success”, by Debra Poneman. (https://yestosuccess.com/) This is not a promotion for this course, even though it is working well for me. It is simply an example of what is out there, and why it works for me.

I took a series of free sessions that Debra Poneman was offering, which were so good that I jumped at the chance to take her ten-week course. The sessions are presented over Zoom, so I could do them from home. They are of a reasonable length – 90 minutes – and she has downloads that she sends out the day before each session. She covers a multitude of life areas over the course of the ten weeks, including:

  • What Is Success – Living In The Light Of Grace
  • Harnessing The Infinite Power Of Your Mind
  • The Role of Goals And The Power Of Gratitude
  • When To Hold On And When To let Go: Learning To Tap Into And Trust Your Intuition
  • Creating Flow With Your Time And In Your Environment
  • The Magic Of Healing Your Heart
  • Opening The Floodgates Of Abundance
  • Creating Vibrant Health And Reversing The Aging Process
  • YOU Have The Power To Change The World
  • Living True Spirituality For Your Ultimate Life (And GRADUATION CELEBRATION)

Poneman has a Facebook page dedicated to this course, where people are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiencesd as we work our way though the sessions. For me, it is a blessing to read about other peoples experiences, to know that I am not alone, and to be able to add my little bit of wisdom to other people’s posts. It takes a village, and this is our village!

This is what is working for me. There are a lot of tools of empowerment out there, within our communities, and on the Internet. Many of them are free. Find what works for you, and put some effort into it. As you move forward with whatever tool you choose to work with, you will feel lighter, more positive, and better able to manifest your visions!

July 2020 Bonnie Cehovet

A Brave New World

Today would have been my mother’s 93rd birthday. She crossed over on March 16th – something that my siblings and I thought we were ready for, but we weren’t. I really don’t t hink that you can be ready for something like this.

We were very fortunate in that my sister found a very nice group home for my mother to live in. She was able to be surrounded by things that she liked, including her books, and her koala and teddy bears. She liked where she was, and my sister lived very close, so we could do face times, and it took my sister no time to get there whenever the care-givers called with a issue (or an impending issue). She had excellent medical care, and was in minimal pain.

It is very hard to move forward without my mother, even though we did not always agree on things. She was very much a “people person”, and enjoyed gardening and being with people. For many years one of her favorite activities was working with Adopt-A-Pet, an organization that works with caring for and rehoming stray dogs, and dogs that were turned in by their owners. She worked very hard to help them attain their 501-C3 (non-profit) status.

Unfortunately my mother died during the pandemic (but not of COVID-19). While a physical issue that I have would have prevented me from being there anyway, her funeral was limited in many ways. There were only five family members at the funeral, and they had to walk to the gravesite from the cemetary gate (not a long distance). They had to practice social distancing, which made it hard for them to console each other.

It has been six weeks since her death – many days it seems much longer. I am blessed in that the human race has a tendency to remember the good, and forget the bad. At least I do. I remember that my mother instilled in all of us a love for reading, for being the best people that we could be, and for helping others.

Mom, know that we love you, and will always honor your teaching.

Words of Wisdom From Nala Cat

I follow several people of the feline variety on the Internet. They bring peace, joy, and humor into my day. Occasionally they offer a product, such as a cat toy, cat food, blankets, or tee shirts. One of my favorite fur people is Nala Cat, sister to White Coffee. She has recently come out with a beautifully presented book of commentary that helps us all to live our best life. I hope that you enjoy what she is sharing!

You can purchase Nala Cat’s wisdom here:https://www.amazon.com/Living-Your-Best-Live-According-ebook/dp/B07TZZLZDT/ref=sr_1_1?crid=23WRHO9MBKET6&dchild=1&keywords=living+your+best+life+according+to+nala+cat&qid=1586866366&sprefix=living+your+best+life+%2Caps%2C211&sr=8-1

Good Friday

On Good Friday we mark the day that Jesus was crucified. As Christians, we honor the suffering that Jesus went through for us, and that he died for our sins. This is a day of reflection, a day that we look at ourselves, and our faith.

Worldwide we are experiencing the cornavirus pandemic, which includes the need for isolation. We will not be celebrating Good Friday, or Easter, in the company of other people. This year we will be experiencing an isolated holiday.

We can reach out through digital media, including phones, Face Time, Skype, e-mail, text, and You Tube. We are actually rich in resources, if we look for them.

Something that crossed my path was the concert that opera singer Andrea Bocelli is giving a free, online concert at 1 pm EDT on Easter morning over his YouTube channel (https://www.oprahmag.com/entertainment/a32106751/how-to-watch-andrea-bocelli-easter-concert/). Accompanied by organist Emanuele Vianel, he will be singing alone at Milan’s famed Duomo di Milano. (He will literally be in the cathedral with only his accompanist, due to the continued need for isolation in Italy.)

May you all have a wonderful Good Friday, and a joyousd Easter!

Surviving Change

We are in a time of major change. Because of the coronavirus many people are out of work, many people are working from home that normally would not be, we are experiencing a level of death that we had not expected, and we feel out of control. How can we keep ourselves grounded and centered during this time, and what can we expect our future to be?

Here are some of the things we can do to make it through this time:

  • We can acknowledge our feelings, and our fears.
  • We can be willing to talk about what is going on.
  • We can actively listen to what those around us are saying.
  • We can expand our perception of what life is.
  • We can re-prioritize our needs and our goals.
  • We can offer help to others.
  • We can ask for help when we need it.
  • We can limit our time with toxic people/situations.
  • We can give thanks for that which we have on a daily basis.
  • Consciously live in the present.

What tools can we use to cope:

  • Write our thoughts out in a journal.
  • Take a walk (keeping a good social distance from others).
  • Do a breathing meditation.
  • Listen to music.
  • Get up and dance.

What challanges can we expect in our near future?

  • Our entire health care system will have to be re-evaluated.
  • One-time stimulus payments will offer some financial help.
  • People will re-evaluate which expenditures are important, and which after not. Things like new cars and new clothes will be much further down on the list.
  • People will be making more of an effort to set aside 3-6 months’ worth of money to cover bills.
  • There will be an effort to stock essential foods for at least 60 days.
  • Many people who lost their jobs will be looking for jobs.
  • We will be looking at the November elections in terms of how the current crisis was handled, and what we found out about our government.

This is not a time to be afraid. It is a time to move forward with confidence into a future that is unlike one that we have ever known.

The New Normal

We have a whole new vocabulary now, starting with “self-isolating”. We’ll add “pandemic” just to round things out. What does self-isolating mean? It means staying indoors and avoiding contact with other people. We are advised to self-isolate if we have symptoms of the coronavirus, if we have tested positive for the coronavirus, or if we are waiting for test results. It is suggested that people who fly also self-isolate for two weeks (14 days) after they return home.

Most states are restricting the movements of tfheir residents, and requiring businesses that deal with large numbers of people, such as casinos, restaurants, hair dressers, nail salons, and tattoo parlors, to temporarily shut down.

We can restrict our own movements by staying home, avoiding contact with other people (or keeping a six foot distance from other people), washing our hands (for twenty seconds, with soap), and cleaning frequently touched surfaced daily (door knobs, refrigerator handles, oven and micro-wave handles).

We are advised not to use public transport, not to go to social meetings, and not to have visitors. Do not go shopping unless necessary (such as the pharmacy or grocery store).

There has been panic buying by the public, especially for such items as TP, kleenix, paper napkins, disinfectant, and meat. I am lucky, in that I only have to purchase for myself. And I work from home, so the “isolation” is already a normal for me.

Individuals and organizations are stepping up. Neighbors are checking on neighbors. Distilleries worldwide are making hand sanitizer. Clothing manufacturers are volunteering to make faced masks and surgical gowns. In the sports world, the four Formula 1 teams based in the UK are offering their technical expertise in manufacturing respirators. Ferrari, a Formula 1 team based in Italy, is looking into offering the use of one of its factories for producing respirators. A French perfume maker is dedicating three of its factories to producing hand sanitizer. The list goes on.

When this pandemic (defined as a disease prevalent over the world) is over, there will be a new normal. We need to help define that new normal. People that I follow for advice include Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, and Dr. Anthony Fauci. You need to follow the people that make sense to you. Don’t panic – take things a day at a time, an hour at a time. We can make it through this!

https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/guidance-prevent-spread.html – Guidelines from the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

https://www.themuse.com/advice/coronavirus-work-from-home-tips – Working from home

May each of you stay safe, help each other, and find grace in each day.