Memories – They Sustain Us

I was sitting in my living room last night, enjoying my Halloween decorations. (Yes, you’re right, it is September, and Halloween isn’t until October. I put my decorations up the first week of September, and will leave them up until after Thanksgiving. I enjoy them – that’s all there is to it.)

These decorations come from the diverse parts of my life. There is a big stuffed pumpkin that I have had for years – it grounds and centers me. There are small scarecrow figures hanging on my wall. The story behind them is that a small, local grocery store (part of a chain) inadvertently bought way too many of them, so they brought them out for several years running, until they were all sold.

I have a lovely small picture book of Charlie Brown and the Pumpkin Patch, with small stuffed black cats (along with a slightly larger stuffed Garfield cat) keeping it company.

I have a large black cup from a Tarot organization, with a bat on it. I have Halloween themed Tarot decks out – and yes, I do a reading or two on All Hallows Eve, when the veil is the thinnest.

I have an orange pumpkin themed cup, and a ceramic pumpkin, both filled with candy corn. I have Halloween themed towels in the kitchen.

Each item has memories connected with it – all of them good. I have good memories of handing out Halloween candy too (always chocolate!). They litrally do not go trick-or-treating in my neighborhood, or I would still honor the custom.

Things change. I have memories of filling up paper grocery bags with candy, coming home, getting a new bag, and going out again. We could accept all candy, homemade popcorn balls, homemade cookies and candy – our parents doled the goodies out over time, and we never had to be afraid of being poisoned, or anything like that. Now, it is very different. It is common to take candy to be scanned in an X-ray machine (a free offer in all communities). And nothing homemade is acceptable. New times, new memories.

Allow your memories to be supportive of you.

Meditation and Wellness

I have been meditating since I was in my early twenties, discovering many different ways to meditate along the way. Meditation is an amazing tool of empowerment, helping us to focus, to relieve stress and anxiey, and to achieve an overall sense of well-being. We can also use it to help with physical issues such as pain and high blood pressure.

Meditation calms the mind by drawing our attention inward. There are many types of meditation – guided meditation, walking meditation, breathing meditation, and meditation with the use of sound, to name a few.

What has worked for me is to set aside time to meditate on a consistent basis – when I get up in the morning, and before I go to bed at night. The amount of time spent meditating varies, but doing it consistently does not.

I recently had the please of reviewing “”Mindfulness Meditations for Anxiety”, by Michael Smith, PhD., Althea Press, 2019. My review can be found here

Cutting The Cords

Cleansing Prayer

I am now choosing to cleanse

myself and release any

and all thought forms,

beings, situations and energies that

are no longer of service

to my highest and greatest good …

across al planes of

my existence, across all

universes, and across all lifetimes.

I ask that all energies that

are less than love

be transmuted for the highest good of all.

Blessed Be, So Mote It Be

~ Anonymous ~

The Wisdom Of Putting Self FIrst

We often think we are doing what is best for everyone, but what we are doing is taking care of everyone but ourselves. I am very happy in that I can work from home, and basically choose my own schedule. I work for a phone line, and we are up 24/7. There was an issue with having adequate coverage for the oh dark thirty hours, so I decided to work a split shift – 2 am – 6 am, and 2 pm – 6 pm. I thought that in this way I could help the line out a bit, and still make the money that I needed for my bills. I made the money, but was getting very tired (even with taking a nap between shifts), and not getting much writing done.

So I made the decision to let other people cover the oh dark thirty hours (when there are not that many calls), and to work 8 am to 4 pm. Today was the first day that I tried that, and it is working out well! I am not tired, and I got a great deal acomplished. As a bonus, I got my stepper moved from the bedroom to the living room, where I will be more apt to use it.

It is not selfish to put ourselves first. IMHO, this is self-care. When we are doing well, our energy level is higher, and we have more to offer other people. When we focus on ourselves, and our goals, we accomplish more, and have a more positive frame of mind. We learn when to say no, and when to reach out and help.

When we put oursleves first, we become truly authentic people.

Finding Peace

“We are all on a journey to mastering our inner peace.” ~ Raheem DeVaughn

Mastering our inner peace is not an easy thing. It is also not something that we do, and then move on. It is a never ending process. I have certainly come to realize that these past few weeks.

I have had a strong Internet presence for a long time now, as have most of my friends. Speaking for myself, this works well. I have met many intelligent, creative, gracious people online. As with all things, friendships evolve. In some cases, they devolve.

I have had to unfriend some people, and block others recently. This is Internet speak for standing back, for creating a safe distance between myself and those that are becoming toxic to me. We all have our own way of perceiving the world around us, and expressing our opinion(s) about it. This can be done in a gracious, civil manner, or it can be all out war. I try to avoid the “all out war” scenario whenever possible.

Like many others, I am not looking forward to our next election. On a day to day basis, I am appalled at how this country is conducting itself. I am trying to sit on my hands, and not respond to the political rhetoric that I am seeing.

May we all have the strength to find our inner peace.


The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;  

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,  

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.  

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

This is one of my favorite poems from my very early years. In my life I have also tended to take the road less traveled. It is interesting, and scary. I made a decision recently that is taking me in a different, perhaps more focused direction. I have been trying to write a book on decision making for the past couple of years. I had a lovely outline, and was several chapters into it.

I kept going back, changing things, trying to define what is missing. I had lots of research invested into it, and plenty of hard core logic within my chapters. And … it was boring as all get out! I truly wanted to help people define how to make the best decisions in their lives, and I was getting lost in the process.

My “Aha!” moment was when I realized that instead of the process of decision making, I should focus on the process of making choices. To me this broadened the playing field, and made the book much more interesting. Decisions are conclusions that we come to after research and deliberation. While making choices does involve a level of decision making, to me it shows more heart, more caring.

Choices are my road less traveled.

That Which Crosses Our Path

“You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.” ~ Tom Hiddleston

Life is interesting in the things that it puts in our path. Recently I attended two webinars, one by an Internet marketer that I follow, and one that was new to me. I was interested in what both had to offer, but I chose to not take up either offer. The reason I did this was not strictly monetary – when I thought about it I realized that I had the tools to deal with what they were teaching, so I was best served by using what I those tools.

I am involved in the Amazon Vine review program. I recently had the opportunity to review the book “breathwork – A 3-Week Breathing Program” by Valerie Moselle. I am not only going to review the book, but I am going to actively work with the program, which involves breathing exercises combined with yoga moves. This is something that I feel will affect my life in a positive way, on all levels.

We need to pay attention to the opportunities that spirit places in our path, to evaluate them, and to act on the ones that will benefit us the most. In doing this, we easily and smoothly move our life in the direction that we want it to go in.

(c) July 2019 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.