Pay Attention

Image from the Limited Edition Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert (2004)

Philosphers such as Eckhart Tolle suggest that it is most important that we live in the now, and that we pay close attention to where we are and what is going on. In other words, to experience the present moment in a meaningful manner.

I just fnished sorting my books – some to keep, some to rehome. My next project is to sort my divination/meditation decks. I walked back into my guest room, where all of this is stored, this aftrnoon. I stood for a moment looking out the window (which faces the street), then I picked up a couple of my decks to look at.

One deck in particular struck a chord with me, and brought back some very pleasant memories. The image above is from the Limited Edition Gaian Tarot by my friend Joanna Powell Colbert. This deck came out in 2004 (time does fly!). I was blessed with the opportunity, along with many other people, to follow the progress of this deck. It ws an exciting time, and Joanna is someone who is very gracious with her sharing of her progress.

I chose the card The Teacher deliberately to accompany this post. The energy is that of a very humble spiritual person who carries the ability to teach others through laughter and the ability to access the realm of the ridiculous.

What do you find when you pay atention to your day?

How Divination Readings Empower Us

What are divination readings? What can they do for us? Why are they important? Divination readings can be defined as seeing into the future by other than ordinary means. Divination can be considered a process, or even a ritual. I call it both. There is a process to doing a divination reading, and that process sets down a template for bringing information through. I view it as a ritual because I am connecting with and honoring the tools of divination that I am using.

What purpose do divination readings serve? What can they do for us? How can they bring us understanding? How can they empower us? Divination readings answer any questions that we might have. They help us to undertand the past, to come to terms with the present, and to set goals for the future.

Why are divination reading important? Because they give us guidance, they help us to connect with ourselves, and they help us connect with spirit. They help us to be the best person that we can be. We need to honor the reading that we are doing, in whatever form it takes. Be clear on what we are asking, and why we are asking. Be concise. Be willing to listen to the information that comes through for us.

We can use anything as a means for divination. We can use symbols from our dreams. We can use symbols of everyday things (birds appearing in the sky, feathrs found on the ground), we can work with the energy of the angels, we can work with sacred passages from any religion, we can work with formal systems such as Astrology, Tarot, I Ching and more. The illustration that i used above is that of the Dolphin Divination Cards, which is a nice, gentle system based on dolphins. We use whatever we feel comfortable with, whatever that might be.

Starting in my twenties I used divination readings as an avocation. For over twenty-five years now doing divination readings (specifically using the Tarot) has been my vocation. I read for myself for each holiday, for the changin of the seasons, for the new year, and whenever I have a question or an issue that I want to understand better, that I have questions about.

Anyone can do divination readings. Find what appeals to you, what you feel comfortable with, and work with it. Honor the system that you work with, honor yourself.

Tools of Empowerment

I have a small table under the window by my desk. I have several things sitting on it, within reach. They are all what I call tools of empowerment – things that I can use to help make a decision, calm my mind, or bring a small moment of joy into my day. One of these things (at least for the month of October) is a deck of divination cards called “The Halloween Tarot” (by Kipling West). It is a lovely, non-threatening deck that I can use for myself and others.

Another deck that I have sitting out is “The Field Guide To Garden Dragons” (Arwen Lynch, author; Stanley Morrison, artist). Thisis a lovely, gentle, user-friendly deck that carries its own message, but that can also be used in conjunction with other decks.

Another item that I have sitting on this table, and this is an item that I have had for many years, is the book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” (by Deepak Chopra). I have always admired Mr. Chopra’s work, and have found this small but powerful book to be a very good resource for grounding and centering myself.

How do you empower yourself? Do you put your tools of empowerment where you can easily find and use them? This is probably the very best way that we have of nurturing ourselves!


Synchronicity is all about events that appear to be related but have no discernable reason to be related. Some people may think this is pure luck – one thing happened, then another thing happened, and it all came out for the good. Jung termed these “meaingful coincidences”.

We need to recognize synchronicity, and to pay attention to it. For one thing, it means that we are on the right path. We are in the right place, at the right time, and positive things are happening. We may not think we are ready for these things to happen, but Spirit thinks we are.

Some of the ways that synchronicity appears in our lives are: (1) seeing repeated numbers, (2) dreaming about something/someone, and then seeing them in our waking life, (3) seeing repeated symbols, (4) seeing the same color(s) repeatedly.

Why should we pay attention to synchronicity? Because if we recognize it, if we acknowledge it, we are strengening our connection with Spirit. If we honor the messages that we recieve, we will be given more messages. We can honor the sychronicity in our life by being mindful and aware (staying in the present), being humble, being receptive, trusting the synchronicity that comes to us, and consciously asking for synchronicity in our lives.

We are responsible for our own lives – we are the CEO of our own lives.


I have been contemplating adding a probotic to my diet for a long time now – I just never acted on it. When my sister last visited me, she was talking about a tea called kombucha that she was drinking. I knew that it had health benefits, but I didn’t know what. I recently worked with an energy healer, that recommended that I take a probiotic, and mentioned that she was taking kombucha.

It turns out that kombucha is what is considered to be a fermented tea – usually made from black or green tea. The tea is fermented with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, which give it probiotic properties.

I had no idea where in the grocery store to find kombucha. I walked down the beverage aisle, but didn’t see it. Luckily, an employee was stocking at the end of the aisle, so I asked her where to find it. She didn’t know, so she checked. In this store, it was on the refrigerated shelf right next to the orange juice. Several different brands were on the shelf, with several different flavors. I got tart cherry, and had it for the first time this am. I drank it slowly, and had no problems. I am hoping that it will help with my IBS. Time will tell, but I think this was a good decision on my part.


Dreamtime is something that is important to all of us. It is the place where we can come toterms with issues from our waking life. but it is also a place where we can manifest what we want into our ives. In “Flow-dreaming – A Radical New Technique For Manifesting Anything You Want”, author Summer McStravick defines flow as both the glue that holds the cosmos together, and the cosmos itself.

I have read this book several times over the years, and worked with the CD to manifest what I needed at the time. It is a wonderful tool that brings me joy … and results! (I have always been happy that I read the book first, then worked with the CD. Whenever I want to use the CD again, I still go back to review parts of the book.)

This lovely book comes with a CD that takes the istener through the art of flow-dreaming. What a tremendous bonus! It is in the space of our mind that we are able to merge with the cosmos, and manifest our dreams.

I feel very blessed that this book crossed my path!


What is dreamtime? My definition of dreamtime is the time when dreams come to us when we are sleeping. Dreamtime is a tool that we were given by spirit to help us understand the things going on in our lives. Especially when we cannot understand something/someone in our waking hours, we find that we are gifted with dreams that bring us the meaning that we need.

For me, dreams come in two ways: (1) the dream directly represents something in my life, or (2) the people/events/environment in the dream are symbolic of people in my life, of different parts of myself, or of wisdom that needs to come to me.

Dreams are an important part of healing, and we can lose their content within thirty minutes of waking. I keep a dream journal by my bed, and write my dreams down as soon as I wake up. I say write, but what I really do is create an e-file on my cell phone, because my handwriting really is that bad!

Here are some sites that may help you interpret your dreams:

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