Own Your Fear – Part 2

In Own Your Fear – Part 1 we looked at what we are afraid of, and why. In Part 2 we will be looking at why our fears won’t go away. The foundation for this discussion is Susan Jeffers’ book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”. Jeffers suggests that as long as we continue to grow as individuals, we will be dealing with fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success … and many other fears.

When we push our boundaries, we will feel fear. We need to accept that. I am in the middle of a writing project, working with a new to me modality – writing in episodes, rather than chapters. It is being submitted through Kindle Vella, which is a new venture for Amazon that isn’t open for sales yet. When it is, the sales will be through tokens. Oh, did I mention that the first three chapters for all authors have to be offered for free?

The free chapters I can live with – I just made them short. Writing in episodes is a bit different, but did expand my writing comfort zone. Tokens? I am not fond of that idea. The fact that the project is not open for sales yet has me a bit on edge. So why did I choose to participate in this project? For the same reason that I stared writing flash fiction – because it was there!

Once we push ourselves and agree to do that which we are afraid of, that particular fear will go away. It will eventually be replaced by another fear, and we will have the choice of working through that fear. If we choose not to work through our fears, IMHO, we vastly limit our lives, and our life experiences.

Make informed choices, take action, and expand your comfort zone. Life is there to be lived!

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Own Your Fear – Part 1

We all face fear in our lives – it is how we handle it that determines if it rules us or not. I recently had the book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”, by Susan Jeffers, come to my attention. This is not meant to be a book review, it is meant to be the first part of a multi-part discussion of fear in our lives. The book was originally published in 1987 by Century. The book that I have is a revised and updated edition published in 2012 by Vermillion, an imprint of Ebury Publishing (a Random House Group company).

The whole point of this book is that fear does not need to hold us back from living a rich and beautiful life. It is a book that offers tools for dealing with whatever fears we have. In her introduction Jeffers talks about the types of fears we experience, including the fear of letting go of things that are not working for us. She makes a very important statement in that she does not see fear as a psychological issue, but as an educational issue. When we educate ourselves, we allow ourselves to face our fears, and work through them. Fear does ot have to be an obstacle in our lives.

Jeffers begins by asking the reader what they are afraid of, and why. Amongst other fears I think that there are two that are universal – fear of failure, and fear of success. Jeffers breaks fears down into three levels:

  • Level 1 – Those that “happen”, such as aging, and those that require action, such as making decisions.
  • Level 2 – Success, failure, rejection, helplessness, loss of image.
  • Level 3 – I can’t handle it!

Now that we have somewhat of an idea what fears are, Part 2 will be taking a look at why we can’t make fear go away. You might want to sit down and make a list of your fears, as the first step in dealing with them.

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – Day Seven

This is Day Seven of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. The focus is on The Law of Dharma, or Purpose In Life. We are spiritual beings that have chosen to take physical form to fulfill a purpose. Our purpose is a gift or talent to give to others. We are meant to blend this talent with service to others.

The Law of Dharma has three parts:

  • Each of us is here to discover our true self.
  • Each of us has a unique talent/gift that we are here to express.
  • We are here to serve our fellow human beings with our talent.

Combining all three parts of Dharma gives us access to unlimited abundance. This is a permanent spark, because this i the way that real abundance is achieved. We are moving beyond the ego. In the seventh spiritual law of success we are brining the other six laws of success into fuition, manifesting them in the physical world.

(c) May 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – Day Six

This is Day Six of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. The focus is on The Law of Detachment. In order to manifest something in life we need to release our attachment to it. We retain the intention and the desire, but we release allattachment to the outcome.

Why does this work? Because when we release out attachment to something, we are affirming our belief in the power of self. We need to nurture our intentions, while at the same time going with the flow of life. When we choose not to detach from something, we are aligning with ego, and living in the land of fear and uncertainty.

Attachment to s specific outcome places us on a very narrow path – we are not allowing ourselves to recognize the infinite possibilities surrounding us. We are not allowing ourselves to evolve.

Allow uncertaintity into your life to open up a worldof possibilities.

(c) 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – Day Five

Today is Day Five of my working with The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. The focus is on The Law of Intention and Desire. When we release our intentions and desires into the world of pure potentiality we are activating this potential, and organizing it so that it works for us. Inherent in every desire is the manner of its fulfillment.

There are no well defined boundaries between our physical self and the universe. We have the ability to consciously change not only the energy of our own body, but the energy of our environment. When we put attention on something we energize it, when we put intention into something we transform it.

The quality of our intention affects the quality of our outcome. As long as we do not interfere with the laws of nature, we can use conscious intent to command the powers of nature to fulfill our dreams and desires.

(c) May 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – Day Four

This is Day Four of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. The focus for today is on The Law of Least Effort. The principle here is “do less, accomplish more”. Nature’s intelligence does not have to try to function, to work to function – it functions effortlessly and easily.

How can we do this as human beings? By allowing our actions to be motivated by love. When we seek power and control, we waste energy. Don’t chase the illusion of anything – allow the real thing to become part of your life. Release your ego, and live your life from your heart connection.

Chopra gifts us with three thigns that we can do to make this work:

  • Accept people and situations as they are.
  • Take responsibility for your situation.
  • Practice defensleness. Do not feel the need to convince others of your opinion.

Always know that there is a natural path to fulfillment,

(c) May 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – Day Three

Day three of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success addresses The Law of Karma or Cause and Effect. Every action has a consequence, whether we think so or not. To bring anything into our lives we need to learnhow to sow the seeds of same. If we want to be joyful, and bring that into our life, we need to think joyful thoughts and act in a joyful manner.

We are consciously choosing our actions, and what we bring into our life. Because we are pure potential, we have an infinite number of choices available to us. Karma is he result of our actions. We need to remember to take the actions that bring the life to us that we want. If we act in any other way, we will be bringing something else into our life.

Chopra gives us two questions to ask ourselves before we make a choice:

  • What are the consequences of this choice?
  • Will the choice I’m making bring happiness to me and to those around me?

The choice that we make then becomes a spontaneous right action becaue it is the action that nourishes us and everyone else who is influenced by that action.

(c) May 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – Day Two

Today is day two of my renewed journey through Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”. The focus for today is on The Law of Giving and Receiving. Speaking for myself, I know that it is much easier to give than to receive.

What we need to remember is that every relationship is one of give and take, differing aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. We need to both give and receive to keep whatever we want flowing in our lives. Intent is everything – give from the heart unconditionally, and the effect is exponential.

Help others attain what they want, and they will help you attain what you want. Bless others with that which you wish to be blessed with. The universe is an unending source of love, joy, and success (however we want to define success). The more we give, with an openheart, the more we will receive back into our own lives.

The more we allow ourselves to receive, the more our ability to give increases. Remember – we are pure potential. Whatever we choose to do with that potential is up to us.

(c) May 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

“The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”, by Deepak Chopra, has been a staple on my bookshelves for a long time now. I always return to it, and I always find myself gaining understanding on a deeper level. I made the decision to revisit one chapter each day this week. The chapter for today is “The Law of Pure Potentiality”.

The Law of Pure Potentiality states that our essential state is one of pure potentiality. Everything is possible, and we live in a field of creativity. When we accept that our essential nature is one of pure potentiality, we are aligned with the power of manifestation.

When we know who we are, and live from that center, we can manifest into reality any dream that we have. We envision it, we act on it, we manifest it.

We acknowledge our fears, and make peace with them. We have no need to control things, we have no need for external power, and we have no need for outside approval. Through the practice of silence and meditation we tuen out the outside world, and gain access to our inner world. We c an ground ourselves by spending time in nature. We can be non-judgmental. We can be all that we can be.

(c) May 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

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Time To Let Go

When is clutter not clutter? I have a tendency to hold onto things, with the rationale that I may need them at a later date, Sometimes “just because”, and sometimes because they are things that I have worked on in the past, including articles and stories. I have a tendency to store things electronically, rather than on paper, because it takes up less room.

I go back a long ways – practicaly to the beginning of time! I remember floppy disks (those HUGE disks), and the smaller hard disks that followed them. And therein lies my problem – I have a good number of these hard disks (I recently moved them from the closet in my guest bedroom to my office, so that I could go through them), and am having a hard time just tossing them.

Are they doing me any good? Do I really need them? I haven’t accessed them in years, so no, I don’t really use them, or need them. Is there some reason that I might need to refer to them inthe future? Let’s look at some of the contents: my old “Gateway To Tarot” newsletter, going back to 2002; my content from the Meta Arts Internet site, from 2007 (the site is no longer up); reviews that I wrote as far back as 2005 (I have several of these disks); miscellaneous writing; interviews; information from 2007 on the ABTC (American Board For Tarot Certification, of which I was a board member), and more.

My conclusion: I don’t need any of this. This is my past, and I have moved on. A few years from now I am sure that I will be doing this “release” again. This time it will be a release of thumb drives and copies of magazines that I have been published in. Times change, but the thought is the same – do not weigh ourselves down with the past.

What are you holding onto, and why? Is it time to let it go?

(c) May 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

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