Time To Let Go

When is clutter not clutter? I have a tendency to hold onto things, with the rationale that I may need them at a later date, Sometimes “just because”, and sometimes because they are things that I have worked on in the past, including articles and stories. I have a tendency to store things electronically, rather than on paper, because it takes up less room.

I go back a long ways – practicaly to the beginning of time! I remember floppy disks (those HUGE disks), and the smaller hard disks that followed them. And therein lies my problem – I have a good number of these hard disks (I recently moved them from the closet in my guest bedroom to my office, so that I could go through them), and am having a hard time just tossing them.

Are they doing me any good? Do I really need them? I haven’t accessed them in years, so no, I don’t really use them, or need them. Is there some reason that I might need to refer to them inthe future? Let’s look at some of the contents: my old “Gateway To Tarot” newsletter, going back to 2002; my content from the Meta Arts Internet site, from 2007 (the site is no longer up); reviews that I wrote as far back as 2005 (I have several of these disks); miscellaneous writing; interviews; information from 2007 on the ABTC (American Board For Tarot Certification, of which I was a board member), and more.

My conclusion: I don’t need any of this. This is my past, and I have moved on. A few years from now I am sure that I will be doing this “release” again. This time it will be a release of thumb drives and copies of magazines that I have been published in. Times change, but the thought is the same – do not weigh ourselves down with the past.

What are you holding onto, and why? Is it time to let it go?

(c) May 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without written consent from the author.

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