Celebrating Easter

Easter Sunday is a religious holiday for the Christian faith. It represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and follows Holy Thursday/Maundy Thursday, which celebrates Jesus Last Supper with the 12 Apostles, and Good Friday, which is the celebration of Jesus’ crucifixion. We tend to celebrate Easter as a family day, and a day for the children. We need to remember the true significance of this day.

Easter is a day to recall fond memories, and to help create new memories for ourselves and those around us. One of my fondest memories is of coloring Easter eggs. Kudos to my mother, who managed, with three children under the age of ten, to not end up with a multi-color kitchen! We used the dye kits available at the grocery store, and the little wire piece that came with them to hold the eggs. I do not remember one time that any of us ever tipped the cups of dye over. Of course, that was partially due to the fact that this was a very closely supervised activity!

Sunday morning we got up to Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny, as well as a small gift, also from the Easter Bunny! We went to church (my mother) and to Sunday school (my siblings and I). For whatever reason. Easter was an occasion when my siblings and I were gifted with updated cloths for church – of which we were very proud!

Easter Sunday dinner was a big dinner with ham and a gazillion side dishes (including deviled eggs!). It was an extended family dinner, and everyone had a wonderful time.

For those of you that celebrate Easter, I wish you a very Happy Easter! May you, and those around you, be gifted with new memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!

(c) April 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

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