Maintaining Wellness In Difficult Times

The best of the times right now are difficult for all of us. Services that we are accustomed to setting appointments for as a matter of course (like hair and nails) are just opening up. Restaurants and other public facilities are just also opening up, and will have severe limitations as to occupancy and social distancing (space between people).

We cannot go anywhere without masks. We understand that we need to do this, but it is often not comfortable. Wearing a mask is not that easy for me – they are hard to breath through. But I wear them, and will continue to do so until they are no longer mandated.

Service people coming into our homes are wearing masks. Going into stores of all types I need to wear a mask, and those working in the store need to wear a mask. We need to wash our hands constantly, and deep clean our homes on a consistent basis. We need to keep hand sanitizer handy. A certain level of these precautions will be a permanent part of our future.

How do we maintain a healthy level of physical/spiritual/mental/emotional wellness in these times? I have worked with the art of feng shui for many years now. One of the books that I have found to be a valuable tool is “Feng Shui For Healing”, by Rodika Tchi. Her work crossed my path on Twitter, for which I have always been grateful.

“Feng Shui For Healing” is a step-by-step guide for improving wellness within our own homes, our “sanctuaries”. In her introduction, Tchi focuses on creating a peaceful, supportive environment within our homes. IMHO, this is a much better idea than worrying about the changes that have already come, or the changes that are coming.

One of the tools that Tchi gifts us with is a form of meditative breathing called 4-square breathing: breath in to the count of four, hold for the count of four, and exhale to the count of four. She recommends doing this complete cycle six to ten times, while repeating the affirmation ” I can create a nourishing home wherever I go.”. You can actually use any affirmation that you want to with this breath – I change it to suit my needs at any given time.

Feng shui helps us to unlock the energy in our home, in our lives, and in our physical being. Put the principles of feng shui into your life – don’t just read about them. Almost a year ago I “got the clue” that I needed to move my desk, which faced the window, to the center of the room, facing the door. (Having a door at your back is very poor feng shui.) Immediately I moved away from the energy of my neighbors, whose front door faces mine. They are good people, but the energy was chaotic at times. My desk had been facing their front door.

Now my desk faces my living room, where I can see what my cats are up to, and I can see out into my patio. My gentler, pleasant energy. What a world of difference that one small move made!

Our home environment reflects our personal energy. Perhaps this would be a good time for you to use the principles of feng shui to create a background of peace and joy in your home.

Make the best of these times!

(c) June 2020 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without written permission of the author.

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