Pay Attention

Image from the Limited Edition Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert (2004)

Philosphers such as Eckhart Tolle suggest that it is most important that we live in the now, and that we pay close attention to where we are and what is going on. In other words, to experience the present moment in a meaningful manner.

I just fnished sorting my books – some to keep, some to rehome. My next project is to sort my divination/meditation decks. I walked back into my guest room, where all of this is stored, this aftrnoon. I stood for a moment looking out the window (which faces the street), then I picked up a couple of my decks to look at.

One deck in particular struck a chord with me, and brought back some very pleasant memories. The image above is from the Limited Edition Gaian Tarot by my friend Joanna Powell Colbert. This deck came out in 2004 (time does fly!). I was blessed with the opportunity, along with many other people, to follow the progress of this deck. It ws an exciting time, and Joanna is someone who is very gracious with her sharing of her progress.

I chose the card The Teacher deliberately to accompany this post. The energy is that of a very humble spiritual person who carries the ability to teach others through laughter and the ability to access the realm of the ridiculous.

What do you find when you pay atention to your day?

2 thoughts on “Pay Attention

  1. Lovely wellness blog Bonnie. I also have the Gaian deck and love it, although i don’t remember watching it being birthed. This is a beautiful deck that I had to have and still enjoy.

    When I pay attention to my day I see gratitude for all I have, my friends on Facebook, reading your posts and especially “Blessings into your day” with the beautiful pictures.

    I notice the weather, pretty fall leaves, the park across the street that I see from my bathroom window. There are mountains too and I see the morning sky light up before the sun appears. I’ve taken some beautiful pictures of all this with my cell phone. There is a dog park there and I can see the dogs running and enjoying themselves. Our house faces west and I have seen some awesome sunsets. A couple of times I saw the sunrise from one window and moon set from the front window.

    I enjoy reading books on my kindle app and real hand held books. I will never catch up on my reading and that’s good. I wouldn’t actually want to.

    Life is good mostly and I am so into living each moment and also planning meals as I love to cook.

    Blessings, Jean Maurie

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