Dreamtime is something that is important to all of us. It is the place where we can come toterms with issues from our waking life. but it is also a place where we can manifest what we want into our ives. In “Flow-dreaming – A Radical New Technique For Manifesting Anything You Want”, author Summer McStravick defines flow as both the glue that holds the cosmos together, and the cosmos itself.

I have read this book several times over the years, and worked with the CD to manifest what I needed at the time. It is a wonderful tool that brings me joy … and results! (I have always been happy that I read the book first, then worked with the CD. Whenever I want to use the CD again, I still go back to review parts of the book.)

This lovely book comes with a CD that takes the istener through the art of flow-dreaming. What a tremendous bonus! It is in the space of our mind that we are able to merge with the cosmos, and manifest our dreams.

I feel very blessed that this book crossed my path!

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