What is dreamtime? My definition of dreamtime is the time when dreams come to us when we are sleeping. Dreamtime is a tool that we were given by spirit to help us understand the things going on in our lives. Especially when we cannot understand something/someone in our waking hours, we find that we are gifted with dreams that bring us the meaning that we need.

For me, dreams come in two ways: (1) the dream directly represents something in my life, or (2) the people/events/environment in the dream are symbolic of people in my life, of different parts of myself, or of wisdom that needs to come to me.

Dreams are an important part of healing, and we can lose their content within thirty minutes of waking. I keep a dream journal by my bed, and write my dreams down as soon as I wake up. I say write, but what I really do is create an e-file on my cell phone, because my handwriting really is that bad!

Here are some sites that may help you interpret your dreams:

http://dreammoods.com/ https://www.dream-analysis.com/dictionary/ https://www.psychologistworld.com/dreams/dictionary/ https://www.auntyflo.com/dream https://cafeausoul.com/dreams/dreamdictionary

October 2019 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

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