The Wisdom Of Putting Self FIrst

We often think we are doing what is best for everyone, but what we are doing is taking care of everyone but ourselves. I am very happy in that I can work from home, and basically choose my own schedule. I work for a phone line, and we are up 24/7. There was an issue with having adequate coverage for the oh dark thirty hours, so I decided to work a split shift – 2 am – 6 am, and 2 pm – 6 pm. I thought that in this way I could help the line out a bit, and still make the money that I needed for my bills. I made the money, but was getting very tired (even with taking a nap between shifts), and not getting much writing done.

So I made the decision to let other people cover the oh dark thirty hours (when there are not that many calls), and to work 8 am to 4 pm. Today was the first day that I tried that, and it is working out well! I am not tired, and I got a great deal acomplished. As a bonus, I got my stepper moved from the bedroom to the living room, where I will be more apt to use it.

It is not selfish to put ourselves first. IMHO, this is self-care. When we are doing well, our energy level is higher, and we have more to offer other people. When we focus on ourselves, and our goals, we accomplish more, and have a more positive frame of mind. We learn when to say no, and when to reach out and help.

When we put oursleves first, we become truly authentic people.

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