Essential Beingness

“The only thing that ultimately matters is this: Can I sense my essential Beingness, the I Am, in the background of my life at all times?” ~ Eckhart Tolle

The above quote is from German philosopher Eckhart Tolle’s inspirational cards “A New Earth- Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose”. I have followed Mr. Tolle for many years – I share his quotes on a daily basis on my social media pages. He keeps me grounded and centered, and helps me to see life from a positive, all-encompassing perspective.

I went out yesterday to Star Nursery and ordered stones to be delivered for my patio area. (I live in the desert – small stones (gravel-like) are an acceptable alternative to grass. Both the house and the patio area seem to be pleased about this. (When I move in – almost four years ago – the patio area was not in good shape.) I was a bit nervous because I have never conversed with anyone about stones before, much less purchased them! The gentleman in charge of the ordering was very nice, and the entire experience went very well. Kudos to Star Nursery! My landscapers gave me all of the information that I needed (the dimensions of the yard, the thickness that I would want the stone covering to be, and that I needed to order a ground covering to put under the stones to deter weeds), for which I am very grateful! The stones and covering are to be delivered Saturday, my landscapers will put them in place on Sunday.

Am I happy, can I sense my essential Beingness at this time? In a word – yes!

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