Peace of Mind

“People will always notice something about you. It might be the way you walk or the way you talk, or just simply your personality. Live each day in the way you want to be remembered. Live in such a way that people will be inspired by those unique qualities that you have and strive to live better lives for themselves.” 
~ Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Sundays in my childhood were quiet days – we went to church, came home and had a dinner sized mid-day meal, and then we played or went out for a family drive. It was a peaceful, happy time. This Sunday reminds me of those times. My landscape crew is making headway on my patio area, I have two blogs ready to go up in the coming week, I published a blog that I thought I had published last week, and I will have the time to finish reading the book that I am reviewing, and get that review up.

I am also incredibly happy with my Melaleuca products and pleased that I decided to add this company as my third stream of income. I have viewed the initial videos that they want us to watch about the foundation of the company and its products, and am formatting in my own mind what I want to say about them.

I am keeping up with the Facebook groups that I have joined that are focused on Melaleuca – I find them to be great people, and very supportive. I have started this leg of my wellness journey, and look forward to all of the things that I will be learning.

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