Joy Comes In Many Forms

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” 
~ Rumi

What a wonderful world I live in! I took yesterday off (I am self-employed), ran a few errands, got my hair cut, washed cloths, started reading (or rather, rereading!) a book that I love, read a couple of chapters in a book that I am reviewing, and generally had a great day.

I tend to be an oh dark thirty person, so I was up at 4 am today. I did some computer work (checked e-mail, wished everyone a good day on my social media sites), and then decided to see if I had any packages at my front door. And yes, I had my first order from my wellness company sitting there! My front door does not face the street, so I don’t worry too much about packages. If I do forget that I have ordered something, my neighbors, whose front door faces mine, will come over and let me know. I do want to say kudos to the delivery person, who placed the package so that it would be hard to be seen except when opening the door.

I was quite excited to open it and see what I had ordered. Yes, I knew what I had ordered, but I had never seen the products (outside of pictures on the Internet), or used them. The packaging was very professional, and the products themselves are very nicely presented. I am now ready to wash clothes and clean house in an environmentally friendly manner! And … I have a lovely new lipstick, incredible Vanilla Coffee, and new makeup remover! I am thrilled that I made great choices, and that I can do this every month!

Here is a little video that will show you what my order looked like (and I received full-color catalogs for cleaning/self-care/nutrition products and a second full-color catalog devoted to their cruelty-free makeup line!

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