Sacred Spaces

We need sacred spaces to restore our souls. These spaces can be anything – a quiet place to read, a walk through the park, a walk on an ocean beach … anywhere that we can unwind, go within ourselves, and find peace.

This spring I have been creating a sacred space in my small patio area. It started out very uneven, no grass,and a lot of rocks. It had a watering system that needed repair, and the trees were overgrown, with branches that were leaning over the roof. This is a rental home, so I thought that I did not have a lot of say in things. I was constantly finding things that needed to be done, like pulling weeds, and cutting a rotting bird feeder from one of the trees.

Last fall I got smart, and hired a landscape company to just (I thought) clean the yard up a bit. They trimmed one of the trees way back, got rid of the weeds, and in general made the patio area a welcome refuge. This spring I asked them to pick up the large stones that covered the yard. There were a lot of stones to pick up – I have five big containers along the back of my house. (I cannot have them hauled away, becasue I don’t own the house.) The last stones were picked up yesterday.

I now have three bird feeders – one with wild bird seed, one with black sunflower seed, and one for the hummingbirds. Even though it is not finished, my patio area is a delight, and filled with all kinds of birds. I can sit on the patio and watch them, or watch them from my living room. My patio is now a sacred space for me.

Please allow me to share this lovely area with you:

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